Saturday, June 25, 2016

Children Will Listen

I inherited a hatred and impatience for inanimate objects.  I am told my Grandpa Megill possessed this trait.  I find myself to be more patient with people than inanimate objects.  The worst offenders are clothes hangers and plastic wrap!  There are times when I can physically do something, but I hand it over to my hubby who will complete the task with a more level head.  My mother-in-law also lovingly teases me about my frustration with being short, trying to reach things on a high shelf, and everything tumbling down on me.  HATE it!

A few days ago, my 2 year old daughter was trying to open spray bottles I use on her hair.  I was observing her, intending to stop her if she was successful in opening the bottles.  All of a sudden, she exclaimed, "Oh, come on!  Don't do that!"

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.  Children will listen.  Luckily, any more severe words coming out of my mouth due to frustration with inanimate objects have taken place out of earshot of my daughter.

What have you caught your kiddo saying that they learned from you?

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