Saturday, February 15, 2014

What Can I Control

Today I started doing laundry and packing.  I wanted to get some of Mike's things packed, but he wouldn't let me.  He says he'll do that quickly when the time comes.  We talked over scenarios of what to do if baby girl comes early.

I told Mike that I was feeling a bit anxious because we don't know when the baby will arrive.  I am one who likes to feel in control.  I can not control her arrival.  I told Mike that I am not freaking out, but packing is something I can control.

I started washing baby bottles.

I know I will have to rewash them, but it is something I can be doing right now.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Update on Baby Girl

It's been a long while since I've blogged.  I've been getting a lot of people understandably asking for an update on the baby and our journey.

Things have been going very smoothly.  The baby is technically due on March 19th.  I have my flight to Vegas booked and Mike plans to follow shortly afterwards in his car.  I continue to communicate with the birthmother, G., who is now visiting the doctor weekly.  Mike and I have set aside baby clothes and items that we want to take with us.  My mom made a beautiful valance for the nursery and things are nicely set up.

Last Sunday I awoke to an e-mail from G. in which she informed me that she had experienced labor pains Friday night, keeping her up all night.  She ended up calling the nurse from work on Saturday because the pains were continuing.  The nurse told G. to make her way to the hospital, so she did.  She was told that she was in labor.  She was 35 weeks pregnant, so their goal was to stop the contractions.  After what G. describes as 3 painful shots and hours, the hospital staff was able to stop her contractions. 

I was definitely nervous about this.  This was more than a month before G.'s duedate!  My mom reassured me that the hospital would not have sent her home if there was a problem.  She was not put on bedrest or told to see the doctor before her next regularly scheduled visit.

G. had another doctor's visit on Wednesday where she was told that the goal is to keep the baby "cooking" for atleast another two weeks.  That would mean she'll be at about 37 weeks, a safer period for delivery. 

My plan was to start laundering all the newborn baby clothes beginning March 1st and Mike and I could then organize what items I will be taking with me on my flight and what items Mike will take with him in the car.  It looks like we may have to do this earlier than I had planned!  I want to be packed and pretty much ready in case we need to make a quick exit.

Oh my goodness, this is coming up quickly!  I'd always heard people say that the waiting period in an adoption journey feels like eternity.  Well, almost three years.  Yes, it did feel like an eternity!  I've also heard that then that time between match and birth always seems to go by so incredibly fast.  I am finding this to completely be the truth!

Oh my goodness, I'm going to be a mama very soon.  I continue to pray for the physical and emotional aspect of the journey on the part of G.  When we spoke on the phone a couple weeks ago, I did tell her that no matter how smoothly everything goes, it's not an easy process for anyone involved.  There are so many layers and parts to adoption, that it is so incredibly complex.  I believe that's one reason why adoption is not more openly and frequently discussed.  It's such a complex process, that it is near impossible to relate or truly understand it unless you have experienced it yourself.

We're excited, nervous, and anxious, of course!  I ask that you continue to keep G., the baby, and us in your prayers.  We pray for safe, smooth, and comfortable travel, labor, and delivery.  Words will never be able to express our gratitude and love for G.  I am more and more impressed by her sweet nature, kindness, bravery, and courage each and every day.

Thank you, all for your continued love, prayers, and support!